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Cannabis, like many other plants, develops nodes and internodes during its growth cycle, which play an important role in understanding your plant's overall health and are central to manipulating in a way that suites your grow environment or produces the best results.


Not only do cannabis nodes act as pruning guides, but these stem joints can point out temperature and light problems throughout growing. Cannabis plants, like all plants, grows in spurts. New foliage and budding sites stretch out of older and stronger material at a junction known as a node ...


Cannabis grows on long skinny stems with its large, iconic fan leaves extending out from areas called nodes. Cannabis really starts to stand out in her flowers where unique and intricate ...


Cannabis Plant Anatomy: Nodes And Internodes. The importance of knowing how to read the signs your cannabis plants are sending you the grower is invaluable. We focus on nodes and internodes to assist you interpreting those marijuana messages.


Most high-quality drug Cannabis grows in areas that are dry much of the time at least during the maturation period. It follows that increased resin produc. tion in response to arid conditions might account for increased THC production. ... i would say nodes,since you can always LST and the more nodes the more bud sites which will help towards ...


Important Things Marijuana Nodes Are Telling You About Your Weed Plant. Weed plants, like all plants, grows in spurts. New foliage and budding sites stretch out of older and stronger material at a junction known as a node. Eventually, this growth process creates multiple layers of roughage and branches that can be shaped and trained.


When to Top Cannabis Plants While topping is an important part of growing cannabis, you don’t want to do it too early, or your plant may not be able to recover the trauma. The earliest you can start the process without causing any lasting damage to the plant is when the kola has developed at least three or four new nodes.


I think marijuana is causing me to have a swollen lymph node. ... Field Report - Cannabis, Armpit Pain, and Lymph Nodes Field Report - Cannabis, Armpit Pain, and Lymph Nodes 10 Nov 2011 This is a report on my experience with cannabis since 1 Oct 2011. Since this date until 4 days ago, I did not work outside the home and smoked cannabis daily.


Cutting Cannabis for Better Structure: Topping & FIMing. Topping and FIMing are two cannabis plant training techniques that involve “pinching” or cutting off some of the top growth.These techniques are designed to give you a free way to achieve better plant shape (to make better use of the available light), create more colas, and achieve bigger yields.