Canada has several national symbols, but arguably the most well-known is the maple leaf. Other symbols include the Canadian coat of arms, the national flag, the beaver, the National Horse of Canada and the Maple Leaf Tar... More »

The animals that are depicted on the National Emblem of India include lions, a horse and a bull. The Indian National Emblem is a reproduction of the Sarnath Lion Capital in Uttar Pradesh, which was built by Emperor Ashok... More »

Germany's national coat of arms features a black eagle with a red beak and talons set against a yellow shield background, according to World Atlas. As of 2014, the seal features the same colors as the German flag. The ea... More »

The national animal of Canada is the beaver. Adopted in 1975 by an act of Parliament, the beaver has long been a symbol of the early European settlers and traders that opened Canada's northern and western regions. More »

Canada does not have a national flower; however, provinces and territories in Canada have designated flowers. The flowers that each of the territories and provinces have selected typically grow naturally in each region. More » Geography Canada

According to the Orillia Packet and Times, Canada has no national bird as of 2011. The Canadian Raptor Conservancy has attempted to lobby the government to adopt a national bird, offering the red-tailed hawk and Canada g... More »

Canada does not have an officially designated national flower. However, each of the 10 Canadian provinces has an official flower. These 10 provinces comprise the second-largest country in the world. More »