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Canada's customs regulations are complicated, as import restrictions apply to a wide variety of items, from plants to meat products. Knowing which items are restricted and not attempting to bring them into the country saves travelers time and trouble at the border.


Customs duty in Canada varies according to time spent away and the type of product purchased, according to the Canada Border Services Agency. Most goods that have a duty rate include it in the quoted price for shipping, states FedEx. The average duty rate is 7 percent.


The Service Canada website has many features for Canadian residents, including applying for the Canadian pension plan, signing up for employment insurance, or making any necessary changes to current employment insurance. Canadians can also apply for their passports thro...


The URL for the website of The Shopping Channel is TheShoppingChannel.com. Based in Mississauga, Ontario, The Shopping Channel is a Canadian, English-language home shopping channel that broadcasts on cable television. It is owned by media conglomerate Rogers Media.


The official Best Buy Canada website is BestBuy.ca. The website offers information about company products, brands, services and deals. It also offers a store locator and weekly flyer. The website is available in English and French.


Every person entering Canada, whether visiting or returning home, needs to complete a Canada Border Services Agency Declaration Card before they arrive. CBSA-ASFC.ca has a copy of the Card that is normally distributed to travelers for completion while on board an aircra...


EBay has a different website for Canada. EBay.com is for U.S. users, while eBay.ca is for use in Canada. Canadians can either use eBay.com or eBay.ca.