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You are just so sensitive about your Vans that you would rather make your girlfriend cool her heels than cross the street at the expense of wetting them. Very touchy, but where on earth does your sensitivity go when you just dump your Vans in the washing machine without knowing its material? In this HomeQuicks, know the dos and don'ts of cleaning your Vans shoes without ruining them.


Vans make a variety of primarily white-soled canvas skate-shoes, which look best when they look fresh and clean. If you want to get your Vans looking new again, you can learn a few quick tips to clean them up, bleach the whites, and do deeper cleans every now and then to get the most life out of your shoes.


How to Clean White Vans® While throwing your shoes in the washing machine might be unwise, laundry detergent can still be a good solution for cleaning your shoes. Make sure you remove all laces and inserts before any cleaning method so you can get in the small areas.


The Vans company warns wearers not to wash Vans shoes in a washing machine because doing so may destroy the shoes. Vans shoes should also not be dried in a dryer since this can shrink them. Begin cleaning Vans shoes by brushing off any excess dirt. Let any mud dry before trying to clean the shoes.


You can clean them, as long as there is only detergent and warm water. You can wash them in the washing machine, but don't put them in the dryer. The dryer will melt the soles, so when they're done being washed, leave them on top of a towel, in front of a fan overnight to allow drying. The next morning, they should be done.


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Made of a heavy duty high-quality canvas material and heavy rubber sole, the slip on style is easy-on, easy-off and perfect for skateboarding and other athletic activities. As with any shoe designed for athletic use, they can get dirty, but cleaning Vans slip-ons is easy.


Vans sneakers serve as a timeless fashion statement. These casual sneakers come in both canvas and suede styles with rubber bottoms. Suede sneakers can be much harder to clean than canvas as water can damage suede while leaving canvas unfazed. Use a gentle touch with your suede Vans and avoid ...


To clean white Vans shoes in the washing machine, start by removing the laces and inserts and putting your shoes in a pillowcase. Then, tie the pillowcase closed and machine wash your shoes in warm water on a gentle cycle, using the same amount of detergent you'd use for a small load of laundry.


Today I restored a pair of Checkered slip on vans. Stay tuned until the end for the before and after shots. Thanks for watching! Consider hitting the Subscribe button for future restorations and ...