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It it OK to Use Expired Neosporin? Consumer Reports explains what you need to know before you do. ... past it expiration date can become toxic and cause kidney problems—should not be used past ...


Should You Use It? Toss It Out? Or Keep It After Its Expiration Date? What’s your mindset? Are you a survivalist prepper ? If times are normal, and you can easily buy a new tube of Neosporin from Walgreens, then you should just purchase a new tube. I won’t argue that it’s worth using expired Neosporin if a new tube is readily available.


How effective is Neosporin after the expiration date? - Answered by a verified Health Professional ... How effective is Neosporin after the expiration date? Submitted: 7 years ago. Category: Health. ... Should I continue to use the Neosporin or can I use an antiobiotic cream called Bactroban Cream 2% that I had for ...


Each tube of Neosporin includes an expiration date. Before each use, check the expiration date to make sure it's safe to use. Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, the manufacturer of Neosporin, advises throwing away the tube if it has surpassed its printed expiration date.


NEOSPORIN® Wound Care Frequently Asked Questions. Understanding Wounds; Covered Vs. Uncovered Wounds; ... Can I use NEOSPORIN® First Aid Antibiotics for uses not on the label? ... The expiration date can be found on the box flap and on the crimped end of the product tube.


What happens when you use skin ointment that expired almost 3 years ago? Update Cancel. ... it is it is possible that the components have lost there power over time but the main thing to worry about when you were using expired Health Products is for the acumulation of bacteria. ... If the ointment Neosporin is already expired for 2 months, can ...


Check for Expiration Date Using POLYSPORIN® past its expiration date is unsafe, risky, and does not guarantee similar effectiveness. Do not use POLYSPORIN® that is expired. If your product has expired, please properly discard it and obtain new product. ... I was able to use Neosporin under a non stick band-aid. It has been one year now and ...


More things to know about Neosporin: Use up the expired Neosporin! Neosporin is on the list of things that expire that you might not expect to expire. Even so, Consumer Reports says it's okay to use your Neosporin if it's within a year of the manufacturer's expiration date. How can you make your Neosporin last longer?


If you’re treating a wound that’s infected—it’s red, painful, and oozing pus—or if the wound still looks dirty after washing it, our experts say it’s fine to use Neosporin topical ointment within a year after it’s expired.


This Site Might Help You. RE: Can I still use expired neosporin? It expired in 2008. My mom says it's safe just not as potent? I dabbed a small amount on to my cut but was wondering before I went used more then what I did.