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Can I take an expired medication? Should patients use expired medications or not? It's always best to use medications that are NOT expired; it's just the safest route. If a medication is essential for a chronic and potentially life-threatening disease, for example, a heart condition, cancer treatment, seizure, or life-threatening allergy, it is ...


Placing a medication in a cool place, such as a refrigerator, will help a drug remain potent for many years. Is the expiration date a marketing ploy by drug manufacturers, to keep you restocking your medicine cabinet and their pockets regularly? You can look at it that way.


Most Americans have a bottle or two of expired medication sitting around. You may be tempted to take this medicine, but concerned about the safety. The Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide reported that 90 percent of drugs tested were found to be safe 15 years after their expiration dates. The obvious problem is that you don't want to take the 10 percent of medicines that are no longer ....


Medications may change their chemical and physical properties, as is evident when tablets disintegrate and liquids separate into layers, or even change color within the dispensed bottle. As can be seen, the big issues with expired medications are two-fold: drugs become weak and may potentially be unsafe.


Never take medicine that seems suspicious in some other way. 8 Can You Take Expired Medications? The wisdom suggests that if your life does depend on an outdated drug, and you must have 100% of the original strength, it is wise to follow the cliché "better safe than sorry".


When people are wondering what happens when you take expired pills, one of the most common drugs they’re referring to is Xanax. With Xanax, an anti-anxiety medication, people will often give or sell their unused pills to friends or family members, and if they’re expired, it can be problematic.


It’s best to go through your medicine cabinet to toss out old medications annually, Nierenberg says. This way you won’t be questioning medication in the moment. The best way to dispose of medication is to bring it to a Drug Take Back program, according to the FDA.


Their chemical composition can change and, over time, expired drugs may become less effective or potentially harmful. Getting rid of old, unused medications can also help ensure children don't ...


Is it safe to take expired medications? ... Gerona had grown up in the Philippines and had seen people recover from sickness by taking expired drugs with no apparent ill effects.


Contact your local law enforcement agency to find out if medication disposal is available at the precinct if an independent pharmacy in your area does not offer a drug take-back program. If you discover that a pharmacy is no longer participating in medication disposal, please email us to request that the pharmacy be removed from the locator.