Onion salt is onion powder with salt added. It is very easy to substitute onion powder for onion salt by simply adding three parts salt to every one part onion powder. For example, to obtain 4 teaspoons of onion salt, co... More »

The ingredient that substitutes best for onion powder in cooking is chopped fresh onion. The approximate substitution ratio for onion powder to fresh onions is to use 1/4 cup of a chopped fresh onion for every single tea... More »

Approximately 1 teaspoon of onion powder is equivalent to 1/3 of an onion. So 3 teaspoons of onion powder would be necessary to substitute for an entire onion. More »

Arrowroot powder is an acceptable substitute for thickeners in recipes, such as cornstarch, potato or rice starch, or all-purpose flour. Arrowroot is a one-to-one alternative for the starches. However, when cooks need to... More »

Baking powder is a pre-mixed combination of an acid and a base; substitute by combining cream of tartar and baking soda to make homemade baking powder. These two ingredients form the majority of commercially produced bak... More »

Salt enhances the flavor and richness of food, so adding more herbs and seasonings than usual is a good way to substitute for salt. Other possibilities include products designed to serve as salt substitutes, such as the ... More »

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Shortening or vegetable oil combined with salt is a suitable substitution for margarine, according to allrecipes.com. Butter or a combination of lard and salt are also viable substitutes. More »