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Polyvinyl Chloride, or PVC, is the plastic commonly known as vinyl, which can be found in everyday items from bottles to house siding. PVC content is identified on plastic containers by the number ...


Polyvinyl chloride or PVC plastics are everywhere, and you’re not likely to be happy about how they can harm your health and the planet. Given their widespread use and relative toxicity, they are often termed the “poison plastic” in the world of plastic products.


PVC plastic can be recycled into nearly 100 new PVC products, including packaging, pipe, siding, floor tiles, notebook covers and traffic cones. PVC plastic is identified by the number 3 inside the arrow triangle recycling symbol.


No plastic bags in the recycling. Visit www.recycleoftenrecycleright.com to learn more. ... #3 PVC: Pipes, clear food and non-food packaging, detergent, and cleanser bottles. ... You can also visit the Ventura County Integrated Waste Management Division's website to find out which facilities accept appliances for recycling.


As for actual recycling, PVC recycling has increased over recent years but it’s still not as commonly collected for recycling as some other plastics (and it’s harder to recycle too). If you have a lot of pipes to get rid of, contact your local council’s waste department to see if they can accept them for recycling – or if they’re ...


“How do you recycle a PVC pipe?” For the most part, consumers do not have PVC pipe to recycle unless they are significant DIY renovators. Contractors deal with PVC when they remove old pipe and have cut-off waste when they fabricate new piping systems.


I am building a deck and chose to use a cellular pvc decking product for its durability lack of maintenance and finish characteristics. I now have a significant pile of cutoff scrap pvc material. I took the time to keep it separate form my other waste material as im hoping i can take it to be recycled somewhere. Is there a place i can recycle it at?


When you have a lot of old PVC pipe around your home that you need to get rid of it can be a chore. The information below will share several eco friendly ways to get rid of unwanted PVC pipe. Recycling. Many communities have a recycling day that runs in tandem with regular garbage pickup.


Help US help YOU help the ENVIRONMENT! We are a large recycler of plastic materials. We can handle many different forms of plastic, from small parts and runners to purgings and parts weighing hundreds of pounds. We can accept oddly shaped parts, pipe and conduit - even 4 feet in diameter.


An alternative to recycling plastic irrigation pipe. Shred the pipe and introduce it to the compost heap to help keep the soil loose.