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You don’t have to consider the color of the coolant, but the type of coolant and the type of engine you have. Read on for more information on how to be sure you can mix coolants. There are many different colors when it comes to antifreeze.


The best thing to do when you aren’t sure what kind of coolant is in your car is to use Prestone Coolant/Antifreeze, either at service or to top up. No matter what car it is or what coolant is in it, Prestone Coolant/Antifreeze is developed to work with any other coolant, and you can mix it with others safely without worrying about hampered ...


Color doesn't tell you what you really need to know. You can mix two different colors of the same kind of coolant without any problem whatsoever. But if you mix a significant amount of one type in with the other type, you're weakening your corrosion inhibitors (it happened to my brother, and look at the condition he's in now).


techincally you could run a little of the pink with the red. but DONT mix the red with the PINK installed cars (i.e. the newer ones) if it came with factory red. ive mixed a little pink in it with no issues.. but if you put some red in a car with pink coolant... hasnt been good lol.


Variations of coolant/antifreeze can come in; pink, red, orange, blue, green, and yellow. This can make it confusing when trying to decide which coolant you need in your vehicle. The different colors can mean different properties of the liquid.


Coolant (Antifreeze) can be found in more than 1 color which can be confusing for people who don’t know what each color indicates. We will break it down for you to better understand why coolant liquids comes in a multitude of colors, including blue, yellow, green, red, pink or purple.


If you use the newer Prestone extended life, in the yellow container marked " Use with any type - any color anti-freeze. Prestone also makes a silver container designated as DEX- COOL as a sales assist for those seeking to replace coolant in a GM product.but, it contains exactly the same ingredients as the yellow.


If you have an older car, say that came with green coolant, you can flush it all out and put the newer style coolant in and then change it every five years or 150,000 miles. It’s perfectly backwards compatible if you want to do that. But you really don’t want to mix them, it’s not that good of an idea to mix them. If you want to have the ...