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You can mix two different colors of the same kind of coolant without any problem whatsoever. But if you mix a significant amount of one type in with the other type, you're weakening your corrosion inhibitors (it happened to my brother, and look at the condition he's in now).


Can you mix antifreeze colors Does it matter if you mix antifreeze colors? I always see questions from forum users who ask, “does it matter if you mix antifreeze colors?, or Can you mix antifreeze colors?” Their question is always followed up with, “The bottle of Prestone says it’s compatible with all types of antifreeze.” Well, kinda.


Orange vs green: coolant basics you need to know ... And in mixing any antifreeze with water for a 50/50 mix, the use of distilled water is highly recommended. ... The color of healthy engine ...


If you buy a jug of antifreeze and the color is different than what is in your vehicle already, take it as a sign to double check yourself before you mix the two together but don’t rely on matching colors as guaranteed compatibility.


These days different brands use different colours for coolant and it doesn’t necessarily tell you all that much about what’s in your car, so using a product like Prestone which is guaranteed to mix with any colour of coolant/antifreeze is the safe way to top up.


Coolant (Antifreeze) can be found in more than 1 color which can be confusing for people who don’t know what each color indicates. We will break it down for you to better understand why coolant liquids comes in a multitude of colors, including blue, yellow, green, red, pink or purple.


Red antifreeze contains organic acids that protect engine parts from corrosion. Silicate (green) type antifreeze does not mix with red type antifreeze. Never mix the two colors in a cooling system. The organic acids in red type will cause precipitation of silicates in the green type and corrosion protection is greatly reduced.


Can You Mix Orange Antifreeze With Green Antifreeze? Orange antifreeze should not be mixed with green antifreeze because they are not compatible. If mixed together, these two types of antifreeze form a cloudy substance and precipitation that can decrease the coolant's useful life properties.