YouTube is the largest online video sharing platform. Users create accounts and upload videos. Most of the content is free; however, there are channels that charge a fee for streaming movies and showing live events. More » Technology Social Media

Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim founded YouTube on Feb. 14, 2005. YouTube is a free video-sharing site that allows registered users to upload and share videos with others. In November 2006, Google purchased YouTu... More » Technology Internet & Networking

As of 2015, some musicals available on YouTube include "Harry Potter in 99 Seconds" and "Side Effects." "The Wizard of Ahhhs," "Cinderonce," "Hipster Disney Princess- The Musical" and "Burning Man: The Musical" are music... More »

To change your YouTube username, login to your account, click on My Channel from the guide, access the Channel settings by clicking on the pencil, and select Change next to your current channel name. As of 2015, Google c... More »

The major free downloads from YouTube are its player apps for mobile devices using the iOS and Android operating systems used by many smartphones and tablets, including the iPad. YouTube also offers free players for the ... More » Technology Social Media

While is the default home page of the website and automatically detects the user's location to offer related content, takes the user to the Canadian home page. YouTube then recommends videos that a... More » Technology Social Media

There are various tools available on YouTube to edit videos, using either Video Editor or Video Manager. The uploaded video can have its appearance, length and sound changed. More » Technology Social Media