explains that while it is rare for a woman to become pregnant right before her period, it is possible. Sometimes a woman who is pregnant experiences vaginal bleeding that, while not technically a menstrual... More »

It is possible for women with short menstrual cycles to get pregnant one day after their periods end. Women with longer menstrual cycles cannot get pregnant until later in their cycles. More » Health Women's Health Pregnancy

Women do not typically get pregnant immediately after their period. According to the American Pregnancy Association, in order to get pregnant, a women must ovulate. Ovulation occurs at some point between days 11 and 21 f... More »

A woman can become pregnant at any time during ovulation, which may happen a week before her period. While it is not typical for a woman to become pregnant right before menstruation begins, she may not know the timing of... More »

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When pregnancy symptoms begin can vary depending on the woman, but many women begin experiencing symptoms right around the time of her missed period. This is generally four or so weeks after conception. More »