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Fresh pears can finish a meal as an elegant, low-calorie dessert or make a delicious addition to morning cereal or oatmeal. Freezing pears can extend the season of this tasty fruit beyond the traditional window, gracing your mealtimes with pear slices, sauce, pies, or any other creation you can imagine.


How to Freeze Dry Pears. Although pears can be freeze dried, they take a really LONG time in the freeze dryer due to their high sugar and water content. If you try it, I suggest using less ripe pears and slicing them very thinly. To freeze dry pears – simply peel, thinly slice and treat to prevent browning.


It's easy to freeze fresh pears and a great way to preserve all that goodness. These instructions are clearly written and easy to follow. You're going to love having fresh pears as close as your freezer.


How to Preserve and Freeze Pears. Pears are used in a variety of recipes and they are low in calories. Pears also contain vitamin C and fiber. When you have an abundant amount of pears, you can preserve or freeze the fruit. Fruit preserved in a sugar syrup will retain its color, flavor and texture. Once you preserve the pears properly, they will...


If you don’t want to can or store your pears whole, you can also dehydrate them or even freeze them. These are other good options but again, take up space in the cupboard or freezer. Think about how you intend to use your pears (or yummy pear preserves!) before making the decision on how you want to store them.


How to make pear preserves is one of the questions asked by a person who have tasted a delicious and yummy pear preserve. Strawberry jam or grape jelly is tasty and delicious but pear preserves has a unique delicious taste that you will love.


Freezing pears in freezer bags is a great way to keep them around all year long. Freeze pears in freezer bags with help from a culinary professional in this free video clip. Expert: Mariko Amekodommo


Start with firm, ripe fruit: If you just picked your pears, they probably aren't ready for the freezer yet.Pears need to ripen off of the tree, and it's a process that usually takes a few weeks. First, store your pears until they are perfectly ripened. Then, learn how to freeze your pears when they're ready.


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