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There are a few ways, you can deep freeze the Lobster, this puts the Lobster to sleep and shuts down its systems so when you 'kill' it will not feel a thing or you can place the Lobster in a large ...


Cooked lobster can be frozen, but the quality of the meat is diminished. Freeze uncooked lobster in its shell to preserve the taste of the meat and to prevent the meat from drying out. Store live lobster in an open container in the refrigerator. Keep it moist using wet seaweed or paper towels dampened with seawater.


You can make a fresh batch of salt water or, if you were lucky enough to eat mussels recently you can use the liqueur from them. Do not freeze them in their shells. If you’re not sure where to start with lobster, check out our full series on how to buy, cook, eat and use lobster here.


29 Variations on Lobster Stew. 1. Lydia Shire’s Lobster Stew. Serves 6. 6 each 1 pound live Maine lobsters ... That being said, you can make lobster stew, from start to finish, and keep it refrigerated for up to 2 days. 1. Steam the lobsters for 8 minutes total. ... You may also pick the meat from the carcasses and the walking legs; otherwise ...


How To Freeze Lobster Meat. My family’s method for freezing lobster meat is as follows: If you are starting with fresh lobster, cook the lobster completely – about 12 to 20 minutes of steaming, depending on the number and size of lobster; Crack the lobster shells and pick out the meat, allowing it to cool; Place the cooled lobster meat in a ...


Use lobster stock wherever you would rely on a fish stock: shrimp risotto, sauces, gumbo, seafood pasta or fish stew. Be warned, lobster stock has a lovely red hue from those gorgeous shells, so if you want a pristine, clear broth for a recipe, avoid it.


The thawed contents can be used to make either lobster stew or the lobster newburg casserole on our recipe page-the liquid should also be used as much of the meat's flavor will have gone into it. If you make a batch of the newburg, it will freeze up to a year without losing flavor, and we have frozen leftover lobster stew for later use also.


Make lobster stew with lobster meat, cream, milk, and butter. It is an easy and wonderful dish for a special celebration and can include dry sherry. Make lobster stew with lobster meat, cream, milk, and butter. It is an easy and wonderful dish for a special celebration and can include dry sherry.


How to Freeze Cooked Lobster Meat. Freezing cooked lobster meat remains the best way to store this pricey shellfish when unable to eat it all at one meal or when preserving a recent purchase for a special occasion dinner at another time. Whether freezing in the shell or out, proper storage of lobster meat helps ensure freshness and prevents freezer...


Yes, you can freeze stew. You may find that the vegetables are a bit softer or broken into smaller pieces after thawing. If you used a thickening agent (flour, cornstarch), it may separate as it thaws in the refrigerator overnight. To remedy that, remove a bit of the liquid, simmer with a bit more thickener and whisk so that it stabilizes.