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To prepare fried potatoes and onions, cut 3 white potatoes and 1 large sweet onion into thin slices. In a skillet, heat 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil and 2 tablespoons of butter. Place potatoes and onions in the skillet, and cook for three minutes on medium high heat. Use a spatula to turn potatoes


To freeze onions, peel dry layers off the onions, slice them or chop them into medium-sized pieces, and place them into a resealable bag. After that, mark the date on the bags, and write that they contain onions, if needed. Place all the bags onto a metal tray, and freeze them. Leave frozen onions i


To prepare raw onions for freezing, wash, peel and chop them into 1/2-inch pieces. Put the onions in freezer bags. Be sure to squeeze out all the excess air.


As a general rule, freezing fresh potatoes is not recommended, according to the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences. The water in a potato separates from the starch during freezing, so the potato has a watery texture once thawed.


Some recipes for hot potato fries include homemade crispy seasoned French fries and quick and easy home fries. To make seasoned French fries, peel and slice 2 1/2 pounds of russet potatoes into thin sticks, and set them in a bowl of cold water.


A detailed recipe for liver and onions is featured on TasteofSouthern.com. The recipe calls for 1 pound of beef liver, 1 large sliced onion, 2 tablespoons of butter and 1 cup of flour. It also calls for salt, pepper, paprika and 1/2 cup shortening or oil to fry the liver and onions.


Sweet potatoes can be frozen whole, in slices or mashed. The National Center for Home Food Preservation has simple tips on how to do so.


Easy recipes for oven fried potatoes can be found on FoodNetwork.com, AllRecipes.com and Food.com. Many variations of oven fried potato recipes can be found on the Food Network website using different herbs, spices and cheeses or cutting the potatoes into fries or wedges.


It is not dangerous to freeze and then thaw potato salad, so yes it can be frozen. That said, the results of a frozen and thawed potato salad are less than palatable.


According to Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences, potatoes can be frozen. However, placing potatoes in the freezer can impact their taste and quality. Raw potatoes should be washed and heated through before storing them in the freezer.