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According to AboutKidsHealth, amoxicillin begins to work within a few days after beginning the dosage. This medicine is like penicillin and works to fight bacteria, WebMD explains.


According to petMD, Amoxicillin is safe for dogs; however, pet owners should not give the drug to their dog without first consulting a veterinarian. Amoxicillin is most commonly used for the treatment of bacterial infections in cuts, wounds, the skin, the bladder, the upper respiratory system and th


Amoxicillin is not available over the counter. It is a prescription antibiotic that is used to treat certain infections caused by bacteria. It does not work for viruses, such as those that cause a cold or the flu.


According to Mayo Clinic, amoxicillin disrupts the balance of essential bacteria in the digestive system, which in turn can cause diarrhea. Amoxicillin and other antibiotics eradicate essential bacteria, which leads to an overproduction of bad bacteria. The excess bacteria creates toxins that irrita


Federal law prohibits the purchase of amoxicillin without a prescription, according to The New York Times. The practice can lead to potentially dangerous side effects, drug interactions and bacterial resistance.


Amoxicillin is the generic drug name for an antibiotic called Amoxcil, which is used to treat a large number of bacterial infections. According to RxList, allergic reactions to amoxicillin include hives, itchy skin, rashes, difficulty breathing and swelling of the nose, throat, lips, tongue or face.


Doctors prescribe amoxicillin and clavulanate, also known as Augmentin, to fight bacterial infections such as pneumonia, bronchitis, and ear, skin and urinary tract infections, according Drugs.com. Augmentin is a combination drug that destroys bacteria and prevents their growth, adds Mayo Clinic.


Amoxicillin trihydrate is a prescription antibiotic used to treat a variety of bacterial infections involving the eyes, ears, nose, throat, genitourinary tract and skin. RxList reports that amoxicillin is available in suspension, tablet and capsule form.


It is safe to drink alcohol while taking Cephalexin because the alcohol will not interact with the drug, as claimed by InteliHealth. Although Cephalexin is an antibiotic, it does not interact with alcohol in the same way as other antibiotics like Furazolidone or Quinacrine. As a result, you will not


According to Drugs.com, Keflex can be taken with alcohol. The only caveat is that the dizziness side effect of Keflex may be exacerbated when it is taken with alcohol. However, dizziness is listed as one of the less severe side effects. Keflex may be taken with or without food.