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LED lighting in the home is becoming more popular due to the energy and money saving benefits it offers over traditional halogen lighting. One of the most common problems that an electrician faces when installing LED’s is enabling them to dim. Resistive dimming has become a standard way of dimming ...


You can put LED lights on any dimmer but in order to make sure they actually dim, put them on a trailing edge dimmer. Here’s why and what to do.


According to Lutron Electronics, not all LED lights can be dimmed. The packaging must be labeled as "dimmable" and an LED-specific dimmer switch must be used. LED lights do not function in the same manner as incandescent bulbs. Even with the proper LED light and dimmer, it may be impossible to dim the lights as much as with incandescent bulbs.


But sometimes, you will want to have some level of dynamic control over the brightness of an LED strip. For example, you might want to use them at full brightness while reading a book, but then dim them down later for mood lighting. If you are confused about how to get it done, read on to familiarize yourself with LED strip dimming methods!


With this very straightforward setup, you will be able to smoothly dim your lights from your LED dimmer control. You can choose any style and finish of dimmer switch – rotary or touchpad, wired or remote. You can even connect multiple transformers to a single mains dimmer switch.


This video shows you how to dim low voltage LED lighting and gives you product recommendations to ensure your success with dimming 12- and 24-volt LED lighti...


Can you put a dimmer on rope lights? Showing 1-15 of 15 messages. Can you put a dimmer on rope lights? Steve B: 3/24/11 8:25 AM: Well? I'm going to put them on top of a shelf, between 1 x 6's to ... Where do I purchase a dimmer for led rope lights -- for full context, ...


It undoubtedly is. LED bulbs produce a large amount of light using much less power, reducing your electric bill. Creating a bright 2,600 lumens of light, for example, requires an incandescent light that uses 150 watts of power. You can achieve the same amount of light with an LED bulb while using only 25 to 28 watts of power.


Dimming saves energy while setting the right light level to improve mood and ambiance. Screw-in compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and screw-in light emitting diode bulbs (LEDs) are a great energy-saving alternative to incandescent or halogen light sources; however, dimming them may be difficult.