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How to Use a Dimmer Switch With CFLs and LEDs The old dimmer switches in your home were made to work with incandescent bulbs. But there are switches that will work with the new styles of light bulb.


You can put LED lights on any dimmer but in order to make sure they actually dim, put them on a trailing edge dimmer. Here’s why and what to do.


If you dim LED strips that have been wired to a non-dimmable transformer, you’ll damage the transformer. For the different ways you can dim your LED tape, see the notes above. You can use any of these methods with any of our single-colour or white LED tapes. For our RGB LED strip lights, you will require an RGB controller (or controllers).


LED lighting in the home is becoming more popular due to the energy and money saving benefits it offers over traditional halogen lighting. One of the most common problems that an electrician faces when installing LED’s is enabling them to dim. Resistive dimming has become a standard way of dimming ...


When using a 3-way dimmer switch, you should only have one dimmer on the circuit. The other switches (you can have more than one) must be on-off switches only. In this setup, the light level is controlled from a single location, whichever light switch you replace with the dimmer switch.


Traditional dimmer switches require a minimum wattage to operate correctly, and for this reason, they may not work at all with LED bulbs. If you find this, the only option is the replace the dimmer switch with one designed to work with LED bulbs.


Dangerous GU10 LED Spot Light is Cheap and Bright but could Kill You - Seriously - Duration: 4:34. Julian Ilett 2,523,376 views


When dimming an LED you may notice the following: Smaller amount of dimming rage (Typically 70-90% range vs. 100% with incandescent) LED Bulbs may not shut off at lowest dim setting: this is caused by the dimmer thinking the bulb is completely off due to the low amount of wattage an LED consumes. ... Do I need a special dimmer switch for LED ...


10 things you MUST know before you dim LED lamps It’s very important to check that the proposed dimmer works with the selected LED lamp before committing to a specification Some months ago, Lux Review opened this discussion with Dimming LED lamps: the dos and don’ts .


Effectively dimming LED bulbs can be challenging, because performance varies between models. With our LED Compatibility Tool, finding the best bulb/dimmer combination is easy. Simply answer a few basic questions and the tool will generate a short list of compatible bulbs or C·L dimmers for your needs.