To unzip a compressed file on Windows 7, double-click the compressed file and drag the folder or file from the compressed file to the desired location. To extract all the content of a compressed file at once, right-click... More » Technology Computers & Hardware Computer Help

To zip a file in Windows 7, download and install a file archiver utility, such as 7-Zip, and use its file compression function to create a zip archive. Once you initiate the zipping process, modify the archiving paramete... More » Technology Software

To change the file permission settings in Windows 7, you need to access the file properties dialog box and modify permissions listed under the Security tab. There, you can add, remove or change various types of permissio... More » Technology Software

To burn a CD using Windows 7, you may employ the functionality of Windows Explorer in Windows 7 to add files to an empty disc. Once the process is activated, select the files you wish to burn, add them to the empty disc ... More »

To unzip a file or folder, right-click the selection and select Extract All. On the subsequent pop-up, select Extract to unzip the files to the location of the original file. This quick process is universal for both PCs ... More » Technology Computers & Hardware Computer Help

To encrypt a file in Windows 7, navigate to the folder containing the file and use the Encrypting File System function provided by the Professional and Ultimate versions of Windows 7. Once the file is encrypted, back up ... More » Technology Computers & Hardware Computer Help

Windows has a built-in image viewer called Windows Photo Viewer that allows users to view JPEG files; to open a JPEG file in Windows Photo Viewer, double-click on it and the image is displayed. Alternatively, choose a th... More »