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Most types of chocolate candy can be frozen, including chocolate truffles. However, some types of chocolate candy keep better than others, and discoloration can be an issue when freezing chocolate. When chocolate candy is removed from the freezer, it can become discolored in a phenomenon known as bloom.


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Jul 15, 2016: Freezing Pretzel Covered Truffles... NEW by: Angie from chocolate-candy-mall.com Those pretzel covered truffles should freeze okay, but I think I would put a few in the freezer for 48 hours and then take them out and defrost them and then taste them just to be sure before freezing all of them.


Best Long Term Truffle Storage: Freezing. Though the results will not be as good as commercially preserved truffles, you can freeze truffles at home for long term storage. Freeze the Truffles Plain: Freezing truffles is the most reliable way for a home chef to preserve them for up to six months. Vacuum packing before freezing is best, but if ...


Re: Can I freeze Oreo Truffles. yes! go ahead and freeze there have been times that they've been known to disappear straight from the freezer, in my house. they taste fine after thawing and or yummy in their frozen state, don't ask me how i know . Posted 12/14/11 8:29 AM


Yes, they totally can! In fact, these truffles are frozen a few times during the recipe steps. In general, these truffles can be frozen for up to one year. If you keep the coatings simple (like cocoa powder) then they should last up to 18 months while frozen. Notes & tips for making truffles.


Candy truffles or truffles fungi? You can safely freeze either, but most people want them fresh, not frozen. The candy will look different after freezing (gray patches on the chocolate) and the mushrooms will not be as crisp.


Chocolate Truffles – This chocolate truffle recipe can match even the priciest truffles you can find to buy. Cognac Truffles – This is a perfect recipe for the home cook. These truffles can easily be made in the home kitchen, but look and taste as though they were produced by the finest chocolatier.


Congratulations on your truffle windfall. We have never been in possession of whole truffles, but we do know that they can be frozen — albeit for very short amounts of time (about 2 weeks). You can also create truffle butter with them, store them in a carton with eggs (the flavor will permeate the egg through the shell), or store them in ...


Repeat process until all mounds are in pan of cocoa. Gently roll 5 to 6 truffles at a time in medium strainer to remove excess cocoa, then transfer to serving plate or tightly covered container. (Can be refrigerated for up to one week.) CHOCOLATE NUT TRUFFLES Makes 2 dozen 1-inch truffles