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Ironically, technology can often solve the environmental problems caused by technology. During the last 100 years, the Earth's surface temperature has risen 1.2 to 1.4 degrees, according to data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).


Technology and the environment may actually be more closely linked than many think. Our technological innovations have the potential to harm our environment, but if we use them wisely and develop sustainable ideas, they could also help solve the ecological problems we’ve created.


This chapter examines the potential role to be played by technology in resolving today's environmental problems. First, though, we consider some of the positions that can be taken on the extent to which technology can itself be held responsible for these problems and how this bears on the extent to which technological innovation can help solve them.


Yale Environment 360: The concept of ecological modernism, which sees technology as key to solving big environmental problems, is getting a lot of buzz these days


Prof. Jacqueline McGlade describes the report as a very powerful consensus about the current unsustainable direction of many of our ecosystems: 'In contradiction to what environmental sceptics often say, this report definitely confirms, that technology alone will not solve all problems.


8 ways sensors helped solve environmental problems It’s hard to respond to threats we can’t see, hear or touch, such as pollution of air and water, or toxic chemicals in products we buy. Sophisticated, inexpensive sensors are making the invisible visible, and have the potential to help solve tough environmental challenges.


22 Amazing Ways To Solve Problems With Technology (Simple) ... AI systems can assimilate unlimited amounts of information and technology solve environmental problems too. An example is Never Ending Language Learning Project/NELL from Carnegie Mellon University, which reads facts and learns new information to perform better in the future. ...


Maybe we already have what we need to solve our greatest environmental challenges. Can today's technology save us? | Ensia Technology is often touted as the savior that will rescue us from our misbegotten ways, redeem us and put us on the track to utopia.


Taking the time to simply read this article for ways to solve environmental problems is a step forward to becoming more aware of the needs of your environment. You are now taking action, and every change–big or small–will create an impact.


Technology is one of many tools that organizations use to help solve problems. The entire process of problem solving involves gathering and analyzing data, and then putting forth solutions that ...