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Although freezing is ideal for preserving many foods, it's not the best choice for granulated sugar. Sugar easily picks up off-odors that might be present in other frozen foods and can develop a musty taste. It also becomes lumpy if exposed to even a little moisture, another reason you shouldn't store it in the refrigerator either.


ANSWER: No. It can be cooled to the freezing temperature or water or colder, but cannot be frozen. In order to freeze something it has to have water.


By solid phase we mean a crystal, with an orderly stacking of the molecules. Ordinary sugar at room temperature is already frozen into a solid. If heated, it will melt to a liquid. Then if cooled, it will freeze back to the solid. The melting/freezing temperature of a common sugar (sucrose) is 185 °C or 365 °F.


Sooo yummy, and sooo expensive to make, and there’s no way I can use up the extra while we’re still trying to make our way through the leftover birthday cake! (Not to mention post-Halloween sugar overload.) So, freezer it is. Hopefully the mascarpone won’t have some surprise properties when frozen and thawed…


Freezing brown sugar can actually preserve its quality. When storing brown sugar, try to keep it in a cool area, which makes the freezer an ideal location. As well as using the freezer, brown sugar can also be stored in a tight-lidded container. In that case, make sure that the container has no rust as this could negatively influence flavor.


To use frozen sugar, thaw it for two or three hours. If ice crystals form after long freezer storage, gently stir the sugar as soon as it thaws to prevent pockets of moisture from causing damage. Q. Why does brown sugar harden and how can it be softened? A. Brown sugar becomes hard when moisture in the sugar evaporates. Therefore, the various ...


For drop cookies, form dough balls onto a baking sheet as close together as you can but make sure they don’t touch.Freeze and transfer to freezer bags. For icebox cookies, wrap the logs tightly in plastic wrap, then place the logs in freezer bags and freeze.Let sit out for a few minutes before slicing the logs. For sugar or rolled-out gingerbread cookies, wrap the piece of dough tightly in ...


Yes, you CAN freeze decorated cookies...Works for Me Wednesday Tuesday, May 1, 2012 . ... One dough, for an eggnog snickerdoodle calls for rolling the balls of dough in colored sugar before baking. Can I freeze the balls with the colored sugar already on them or should I roll them in the sugar after defrosting? Reply Delete. Replies. Reply.


How long can I freeze baked cookies? Cookies can be frozen up to 2 months if stored correctly. Can I freeze decorated cookies? Although freezing decorated cookies won't change the way they taste, it will change the way they look. Frosting may cause cookies to stick together.


Baking Frozen Cookie Dough Drop Cookies: Set frozen cookie dough balls on a lined baking sheet and let the dough defrost in the refrigerator. This will take several hours, so plan ahead. Or place frozen cookie dough balls on a lined baking sheet and bake following recipe directions.