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Skunks can’t climb Skunks, unlike raccoons and possums, are poor climbers. I noted that they were able to climb up on my straw bales, but that’s about as high as they can go (18″ or so.) . Our backyard has a six-foot fence all around it. But skunks are also great diggers.


Do skunks climb trees or fences? Skunks are normally an animal species that will hide from plain sight. They will inhabit tree hollows and use them to make their dens. Skunks make dense to keep shelter, raise their young and hide from danger. They will come out to hunt or mate. However, due to the fact that skunks are often found in places like ...


Fences can’t keep opossums, skunks out ... can these critters climb our wooden fence when there is nothing for them to use to help them get over the fence? I don’t think that they can jump ...


The skunks have long claws and sharp teeth. The long claws are used to dig. ... The stripped skunk is not good in climbing but it can climb up the wire mesh, boards or fences but it is not good in climbing of the trees. ... has to be bent into the L shape and it should be attached on the top part at the fence or it can be buried at the lower ...


Skunks can climb but do not normally to get to a dog. If your dog were too close to the fence or the skunk were to have even the smallest area under the fence to spray your dog would have been nailed. The way it sounds is the skunk hadn't sprayed in sometime so it had plenty of ammo.


Skunks are particularly adept at climbing chain link fences, but they can also scale wood piles, vehicles, and outdoor structures. 2. But They Probably Won't Climb Your Trees. Young skunks may climb trees in order to escape predators. However, as skunks get older, their long claws actually inhibit their ability to climb trees.


The question is then can they get into any place they wish to enter? If they want to gain access into some location is there any kind of barrier that can stop them? You may want to know do skunks climb trees or fences.


Its poor climbing abilities are partly due to its long nails which inhibit its ability to grasp onto things. These skunks are sometimes able to climb fences, but they are unable to climb trees or up into chimneys and attics. The spotted skunk is a very good climber. It has the ability to climb trees easily and can even descend head first.


You may find that by turning to a metal fence that you solve a lot more problems than just a skunk. A possum is also an animal that can climb and they are able to get up a wood or chain link fence quite easily, so using a metal fence can be the perfect solution to solve more than one problem.


Because skunks can live off of garbage try putting your garbage can somewhere it can't reach it so you won't have to clean up the mess it might make. If you don't have the time or money to bother with it you could leave a trap out and release it in a forest preserve or perhaps call animal control.