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Congestive heart failure and pneumonia are related in a variety of ways. For example, they share many of the same symptoms and can often be confused because they both look similar on an X-ray. In addition, each condition can cause complications during the treatment of the other.


How Bacterial Pneumonia Damages the Heart. A vaccine, and the right antibiotic, may guard against a direct attack on heart cells, researchers say ... Heart Failure: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments.


Doctor answers on Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, and More: Dr. Stern on can pneumonia cause congestive heart failure: Usually it is CHF that causes pulmonary edema due to back up. for topic: Can Pneumonia Cause Congestive Heart Failure


CHF and Aspiration Pneumonia. ... Likewise, pulmonary hypertension can cause right sided heart failure because the right ventricle is pumping blood through the pulmonary circulation against excessive resistance. It is this last example that might partially answer your question. Diseases of the lungs such as some forms of COPD (emphysema in ...


Treatment for Pneumonia in a Heart Failure Patient: What to Expect. An elderly person with pneumonia, who has pre-existing heart failure, presents a tricky situation to doctors. My very elderly father, who has congestive heart failure, was diagnosed with pneumonia at an urgent care center. The doctor wanted him admitted to a hospital.


She is able to ambulate with a walker. Since she has been in rehab, she has been diagnosed with pneumonia, congestive heart failure, a UTI, and her legs are swollen like tree trunks. She is on IV antibiotics and IV Lasix. I was wondering if there anything that can be done to improve her congestive heart failure at this stage.


There are limited data describing how pre-existing heart failure affects mortality following pneumonia. 33,736 adults with a first-time hospitalization for pneumonia. Heart failure was identified and categorized based on data linked from population-based health care databases. The 30-day mortality ...


Congestive Heart Failure Infections. Congestive heart failure (CHF) occurs when the heart does not beat adequately to circulate blood throughout the body. This in turn causes excess fluids to build up in the tissues. This buildup of fluid may be caused by certain infections that weaken the heart muscle, a heart attack or disease of the heart muscle.


Pneumonia Can Cause Heart Failure In All Age Groups By Fazeel Ashraf On Feb 15, 2017 164 0 Pneumonia and heart disease seem to be on the total opposite ends of the disease spectrum but according to a latest study published in BMJ , community acquired pneumonia greatly increases the risk of heart failure across several age groups.


For older people, the pneumonia vaccine may help prevent these dangerous complications, but an annual flu shot is also important, he notes. The same virus that causes the flu can also cause viral pneumonia in some people and nudge others to develop bacterial pneumonia. Pneumonia symptoms