Mountain lions climb trees. These big cats spend most of their time on the ground but have been known to easily scale a tree, especially when trying to escape a threat. More »

Some of the mountain lion's adaptations include keen vision and sensitive hearing. It also has powerful jaws, enabling it to strangle or crush the neck of its prey with a single bite. More »

Lions are capable of climbing trees, though it is uncommon for them to climb unless they have a reason to do so. Several national parks in African countries are famous for housing rare tree-climbing lion populations. More »

Mountain lions don't have any natural predators. A mountain lion's only concern is being hunted by humans. Mountain lions typically prey on deer, coyotes and raccoons. More »

Mountain lions are known by a variety of different names, including puma, cougar and panther. A highly adaptable species, mountain lions are found from northern Canada to the southern reaches of South America. Over this ... More »

Mountain lions live in many diverse habitats, but their typical habitats include a mix of rocks, terrain and vegetation that allows them to stalk their prey. Their habitats also have to contain suitable prey, especially ... More »

Mountain lions are carnivores that enjoy hunting and eating deer, but they will also kill other animals like raccoons and coyotes. Once common in almost all areas of the United States, these large cats have a dwindling p... More » Pets & Animals Mammals Large Cats