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The IRS website contains useful links to more specific tax information. The remainder of the home page also contains various links that users can select to find assistance and answers to common tax questions. The website also allows users to amend their returns, get transcripts of their returns and


Taxpayers contact the Internal Revenue Service via phone, mail or by walking into one of its local offices, notes the official government website, IRS.gov. The IRS maintains an electronic mailbox for reports of identity theft, suspicious emails and phishing attempts.


On its website, the National Priorities Project breaks down federal expenditures by project type and revenue source, including proportions from individuals and other taxes paid to the Internal Revenue Service. The Tax Foundation publishes a report on its website that details the taxes collected from


To download the IRS tax forms for the current year, use the search portal available on the IRS website, locate the form you wish to download, and click on the hyperlink to open and download the form, the IRS explains. Current-year forms as well as past-year forms are available for download.


People should file annual tax returns with the IRS to receive refunds and avoid allegations of fraud, advises Business Insider. When a person fails to file a required tax return, the IRS automatically classifies this as tax fraud, which is a federal crime. While few individuals caught not filing tax


The Internal Revenue Service keeps copies of all versions of tax Form 1040 for up to six years. After that time, as required by law, it destroys them, according to the IRS. The IRS may maintain other tax forms for more than six years.


The IRS standard mileage rates for 2015 are in the table located on the official IRS website, per the IRS. This table shows the 2015 rates as 57.5 cents per mile for business, 14 cents per mile for charitable purposes, and 23 cents per mile for medical or moving purposes.


In 2014, the gift limit established by the IRS was $14,000, claims Forbes. This is the maximum amount that can be given to an individual without being required to file a gift tax return.


Prior year tax forms, including those for 2012, are available on IRS.gov, states the Internal Revenue Service. To find the forms, navigate to the website, and click on the Forms & Pubs tab from the home page. Click on Prior Year Forms & Pubs to browse or search for forms.


This area contains statistics on tax collections by type of tax, as well as by State, for over 30 years. Additional data are also available here. An official website of the United States Government These tables provide an overview of the main IRS functions: processing tax returns and collecting reve