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Can I freeze chocolate truffles that I got for Christmas along with a lot more chocolate? I was wondering if I can freeze chocolate candies? As a general rule, you CAN freeze chocolate candy, including truffles. Some of the candy will 'keep' better than others.


As far as bonbons go—it really depends on how they're made. If they're shelf-stable—Russell Stover, say—you can treat them the same way you'd treat solid chocolate: make sure it doesn't melt, and put it in the fridge or freeze it if you need to.


Can you freeze chocolate? That’s an excellent question, reader Clare. It something that’s surely on the minds of many whose Valentine’s bounty exceeds their capacity to consume it. Yes, there are those people out there. But to the question: can chocolate be frozen? The answer is that it can be, but it must be frozen carefully, and even ...


I am covering these truffles in coco powder & nuts & such to use them as a part of my wedding favors. I was wondering if I could make them ahead of time & freeze them for 2 months? Does anyone know where I can get them for appx 20 cents each? SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY PLEASE! PS: will these melt if left out at room temp?


Can You Freeze Chocolate Truffles? Most types of chocolate candy can be frozen, including chocolate truffles. However, some types of chocolate candy keep better than others, and discoloration can be an issue when freezing chocolate.


Read the too many Lindt chocolates - need uses (other than eating them)! discussion from the Chowhound Home Cooking, Chocolate food community. Join the discussion today.


When I arrived in Australia I was horrified to learn that many people store their chocolate in the fridge. Chocolate is quite delicate and so requires . Jump to. ... Storing your Lindt Chocolate ... by Thomas Schnetzler. ... Lindt doesn’t last long around the house so just keep what you need at home and come and get more. We have plenty.


Can you freeze lindt truffles? I got some earlier today and I have like 5 left, the middle got really runny throughout the day and I was wondering if it would get a little harder if I froze them. Follow . 5 answers 5. Report Abuse. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes No.


For cancellations or changes call Lindt Customer Service at +1 877 695 4638 within 1 hour of placing your order. Can I buy in bulk? Our volume discounts start at orders of $1,000 or more for business-to-business purchases. This program is available through Business Gifting or at one of our Lindt chocolate shops. Our wholesale program starts at ...


How long do Lindor Truffles last and how to store them? ... I''d freeze one or two for a week and see how that works out for the filling. ... i just gave in to a craving and went to my stash for some of the lindt truffles. the bag is clearly stamped with a date and the date was 10/31/09. i purchased them the last of december. they were fresh ...