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In 2011, doctors reported that a 44-year-old New Zealand woman suffered a stroke and lost movement in her left arm as a result of a hickey. However, doctors said that they hadn't seen anything like the case before, according to the Daily Mail.


To remove a hickey, soothe the hickey with ice, and rub it with either a spoon or a brush to improve circulation and reduce the size of the bruising. About 24 hours later, apply a heat pack to the hickey to decrease the hickey's vivid coloring.


Some ways to remove hickeys include applying ice, using aloe vera cream, applying rubbing alcohol or using peppermint oil, states Top10HomeRemedies.com. Hickeys are a result of broken capillaries and blood buildup, which turns the skin purple or red.


To get rid of a hickey, apply ice or a cold spoon to the area. Then, brush or twist a cap on the hickey. Apply heat 24 hours later.


A hickey can last anywhere from a couple of days to two weeks, depending on the amount of bruising inflicted on the capillaries under the skin. A hickey is a small bruise caused by kissing or sucking on the skin of the neck. The act of sucking or kissing causes capillar...


A hickey is a bruise caused by broken capillaries on the neck, so the best treatment for it is to apply a cold compress to it. Cooling it will serve the same effect as cold on a black eye: It reduces swelling and promotes the healing process.


Yes, use a penny or any other coin to brush the bruised area and break up the blood that has gathered. Using a toothbrush or massaging the hickey produces similar results.