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While non-US residents can enter and win the lottery, there's a caveat: you have to actually be in the country to legally buy US lottery tickets. It is illegal to buy lottery tickets through the internet or by mail (with some rare exceptions, such as a lottery app that sends an employee to physically buy tickets for its customers).


Powerball and Mega Millions are USA held lotteries. When a non-USA person buys a ticket online through a concierge / messenger service, there is a type of agreement made between the player and the messenger, as in if the ticket has any winnings, t...


There is no reason in federal law why you would need to be a citizen or lawful permanent resident to play or win a state-run lottery, and it's likely that a state that makes such a rule is in violation of the federal law that prohibits a state fro...


Many lottery lovers from around the world wonder: Can foreigners (non US residents) play USA PowerBall American lottery? And if this is in fact the case: How to play American Power Ball lotto? American USA Power Ball lotto, is as the name implies, a lottery based in the United States of America and operating in most states of the USA.


Many lottery players, foreigners, who are not living in United States of America, are asking: If a foreigner can buy lottery tickets for Powerball USA and play in Powerball American lottery? The answer to the above question is simple: Yes, fortunately for them, foreigners can play in USA PowerBall American lottery, and buy lottery tickets ...


Can Foreigners play the US lottery? Which games are they able to play and are there any restrictions on international plays? Read all about it


Can an Illegal Immigrant Win the Lottery? illegal alien wins lottery usa immigration lottery who can play the lottery can anyone play the lottery can foreigners play the lottery can foreigners buy ca lottery illegal immigrants deported in 2017


You're talking about the "Jumbo"-type lottery (Nenmatsu Jumbo, Dream Jumbo etc.)? I made my white SO buy some and there were no objections. I won the token amount (300Yen) a couple of times and nobody said anything when I went collecting it (I usually look foreign).


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