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When there is damage to the nerves in the feet, neuropathy can develop. There are several causes of neuropathy in the feet, including metabolic disorders, hormonal problems, vitamin deficiencies, trauma, and alcoholism.Various types of blood disorders may also lead to neuropathy.


The most common form is polyneuropathy, which affects many nerves and can be painful. Causes of Peripheral Neuropathy in Feet. Many items can cause nerve damage in your feet. Autoimmune diseases can affect nerves in the feet and about 50% of all persons with diabetes will develop neuropathy.


In diabetics, neuropathic-induced flat feet (termed as pes planus) can occur and is not uncommon. Midfoot collapse secondary to Charcot neuroarthropathy with a resultant rockerbottom foot or flat foot may occur and is known. So a flat feet can be caused by neuropathy but flat feet does not itself cause neuropathy.


The other 40 percent can be attributed to the causes listed above. Diabetes is by far the most common cause of neuropathy in feet, and it can lead to severe complications in the feet and legs. Diabetic peripheral neuropathy happens when the nerve fibers in diabetic patients are damaged.


the position of your feet and toes while walking and balancing, which can cause. Neuropathy can affect your entire body, but most often the legs and feet are. Over time, neuropathy can lead to permanent loss of nerve function, as well as bone and joint damage. Causes: Diabetes is the leading cause of peripheral neuropathy.


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" Glad i have a new foot dr now, hes the one that took xrays of my feet but never examined them and told me nothing was wrong when 6 months later the new one tells me i have hammer toes on both feet, heel spurs, very flat feet and bad diabetic neuropathy. He just told me 10 ways how fat i was and to lose weight.


The damage can be caused from many reasons. The leading cause of peripheral neuropathy in America today, approximately 30 %, is from diabetes. Other causes may include nerves damage in the back, genetic disorders, chemotherapy, or autoimmune diseases. What are the signs and symptoms? Symptoms may range from mild to severe depending on the stage ...


Tarsal tunnel syndrome can be caused by any condition that causes compression of the tibial nerve or its branches as it passes through the tarsal tunnel. A wide variety of conditions can cause tarsal tunnel syndrome including space-occupying lesions or masses, which may increase pressure in the tunnel.


I was actually diagnosed today with neuropathy. I’m trying to learn all I can about it. Coincidentally, I have extremely flat feet, and usually have an extra strength Five Hour Energy everyday. I have done that for several years. I drink rarely (maybe 15 cans of beer total per year).