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Along with them is the hundreds of Yellow tail Fusiliers. However this is all you see, you don’t see any other fish anymore. Bread contains yeast and when eaten by fish, it will expand and can cause constipation for most fish. The most resilient fish will survive however others will disappear as they suffer and the predators take them.


Many people feed things like lettuce, cucumber, peas, courgette ect. If you have any earthworms from an untainted source like a compost bin, then you can chop and feed those to bigger fish, and the tiny baby worms can also be fed to smaller fish. Mine go mad for them. I wouldn't feed bread, it swells up when wet and could easily bloat them.


The delicate digestion system of the goldfish is unable to process and break down the gluten found in the bread flour.. In addition to swelling from the yeast and lack of digestive ability, the goldfish will suffer quietly. Other fish in the ocean, lakes, ponds, and rivers are not immune to this same problem.


Best Answer: They will be fine if you don't feed it for a day. Bread will cloud water, and I would assume you have it a bowl that doesn't have a filter, so bread is a not a good choice. There are a number of fresh foods out there, you can feed your goldfish, sometimes they won't eat or like them.


List of Foods Goldfish Can Eat By Jodi Thornton-O'Connell. Share on Facebook Winning a goldfish as a prize at a carnival can add an unexpected member to the family without time for preparation. Luckily, the hardy fish can live in a bowl for a few days while you set up a filtered aquarium for it to thrive in the long term. You won't even need to ...


Can you give your freshwater fish pieces of bread like whole weat bread and what not? I have seen people feeding fish in the ocean with bread. IT is used in Hawaii to let torists hand feed the fish. Is it bad for them in any way? Could it be done in a freshwater tank? _____ _____


Goldfish can and often will eat bread, but it may cause stomach problems. Commercial flake food made for goldfish provides a safe, balanced diet. Supplement flake food with live food and safe household foods for best results.


Best Answer: bad idea! Bettas are strict carnivores and need a high protein diet. Bread may also swell up in their stomachs and cause them to bloat or worse, get constipated which may kill them. You can feed your betta lots of other things though like brine shrimp, daphnia, and blood worms. All of which can ...


No fish species as yet has learned to cultivate grain, grind it into flour, mix and bake it. Even after thousands of years of humans’ bread making, some humans are born intolerant of wheat, and become ill from eating it. Certain enzymes are requir...


yes they can give your pet fish bread. i tried it with my goldfish and it stayed alive for a month and half. the type of bread you can give you pet fish is white bread. you cannot give it the edge ...