According to Santa Clara County Public Health, dogs and other animals are not able to get HIV. Some animals, such as monkeys and cats, catch similar diseases, but none of the viruses move between species. More »

Dogs typically contract ear mites through contact with other infected animals. Ear mites are also common in outdoor cats, who in turn may pass them on to dogs in the household. Ear mites are miniscule parasites that feed... More »

All veterinarians are legally allowed to euthanize dogs and other companion animals. However, veterinarians also have a right to refuse to perform euthanasia under certain circumstances. More » Pets & Animals Pets Veterinary Health

There are no known preventative measures for immune-mediated thrombocytopenia, a medical condition where blood platelets in animals are too low. However, some veterinarians suggest that pet owners avoid giving their anim... More » Pets & Animals Pets Veterinary Health

In dogs, mange is a skin disease caused by external parasites called mites that are found on the dog's skin and hair follicles. Dogs typically play host to a number of mites, although mange occurs when the number of mite... More » Pets & Animals Pets Veterinary Health

Plants that are poisonous to dogs include American holly, amaryllis, castor bean plants, garlic and other members of the allium family, and tomato plants, says the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal... More » Pets & Animals Pets Veterinary Health

Get free neutering for your dogs by checking if the animal care services or animal welfare department of your city has an existing free neuter/spay program for dogs or other domesticated pets. The Humane Society of the U... More » Pets & Animals Pets Veterinary Health