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No. HIV can not be spread to, from, or by cats, dogs, birds, or other pets. Many viruses cause diseases that are like AIDS, such as feline leukemia virus, or FeLV, in cats.


Home Animals Dogs HIV/AIDS and dogs. HIV/AIDS and dogs By Scott Weese on April 30, 2008 Posted in Dogs, Other diseases. Here are a couple questions that I get periodically… My dog licked someone with HIV/AIDS, and they had an open sore. Can my dog get HIV? Can a dog that bites someone with HIV get infected?


AIDS is a syndrome that develops in humans infected with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). As such, dogs cannot get AIDS. There is a canine disease called ehrlichiosis, which is similar to AIDS in humans. One major difference is that ehrlichiosis can be cured with antibiotics.


No, the Human Immunodeficiency Virus that effects humans and some primates and eventually causes AIDS cannot be transmitted to dogs. Cats have an analogous virus, FIV, but that cannot be passed to dogs either. The only major immunodeficiency I know of that dogs can end up with is Severe Combined Immunodeficiency or SCID, and that's genetic.


HiCustomer Dogs do not get human HIV or AIDS. There are a few sexually transmitted diseases that dogs can get, but they are not human diseases. There are a few sexually transmitted diseases that dogs can get, but they are not human diseases.


If a dog should lick sweat from an HIV-positive person (or even bite them!) is the dog at risk? Can Dogs Get Hiv? NO! The clue is in the name "Human" Immunodeficiency Virus. This is a relatively delicate virus that is passed in body fluids between people. Outside of the body it is fragile and doesn't persist, whilst direct transfer from human ...


Can a pet licking sweat or a cut from a HIV positve persons skin cause them to get sick or even HIV but in animal form whatever that may be? (CATS AND DOGS AND HIV, 2009) May 27, 2009 Hello there.


You can only get HIV/AIDS by having intimate contact with someone who has the HIV virus and/or AIDS, or by a transfer of blood or other body fluid, such as a stab from a contaminated needle.


Can a dog transmit HIV or hep c. Species: Dog Breed: dog Age: 1-2 years. ... Dogs can't get HIV and they can't get hepatitis C. There is a form of hepatitis that dogs can get, but it is not the same as what humans can get. Hope that clarifies things for you! Dr. Marie. Customer reply:


Can Dogs Get HIV? According to Santa Clara County Public Health, dogs and other animals are not able to get HIV. Some animals, such as monkeys and cats, catch similar diseases, but none of the viruses move between species.