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Can a Massage Make You Sick? While massages are meant to help people feel relaxed, they can cause side effects. In a study conducted by the National Institutes of Health Sciences, it was found that massages can cause muscles soreness, fatigue, headaches and even bruising.


Although the goal of a deep tissue massage is to relax the muscles in your body, vigorous work can come with a number of side effects. These side effects are usually mild, and the therapist can adjust his or her work if you experience any pain or discomfort during your session.


Poisoned by Massage. Rather than being DE-toxifying, deep tissue massage can probably cause a slightly toxic situation in the body. Paul Ingraham, updated Nov 6, 2018. It turns out that massage therapy may be just a bit toxic. This actually shouldn’t come as any kind of surprise, nor is it even much of a problem.


If you have too much lymph in your body, it can build up in the tissues under the skin's surface — the same tissues that are manipulated during a massage. It would make sense, then, that a deep ...


i got a deep tissue massage yesterday, then as the therapist was massaging (brutalizing) my right shoulder i felt sick to my stomach. i went home and about 2 hours later, rushed to the bathroom to be majorly sick. i don't actually "feel" naseous or anything, i just feel my stomach is really upset - why's that??


Not me, but the deep tissue massage reportedly can do it if you have been drinking, eating a lot of rich food and junk food, and if your system isn't used to those things anyway. I don't like the deep tissue massage anyway. A nice vigorous swedish massage is just relaxing, and leaves the toxins where they belong!


They tell you where they found the most tension, and what you can do to help it. Then they say “Make sure you drink plenty of water tonight.” Do you listen? I have had so many clients come to me a few days following their massage session and tell me they felt sick for a day or two after with a headache, flu-like symptoms, or fatigue.


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When you receive massage or bodywork, cell waste (which is already in your system) gets released at a more rapid rate than normal. Your body has to deal with the larger amount of material within the same amount of time, and that is what can cause you to feel tired, sick, or sore afterward.


Massage doesn’t make you ill—but you may feel like it. Because massage releases free radicals that have built up inside muscular knots, some people may feel a bit sick a day or so after a session.