Headaches are only a symptom of hypermature cataracts, a progressed form of cataracts that have become completely white, according to Medical News Today. At this point, sufferers may also experience inflammation and pain... More »

Eye floaters after cataract may be due to a condition called posterior vitreous detachment (PVD), reports All About Vision. Eye floaters are quite common after this eye surgery because the procedure may cause eye trauma ... More »

Individuals who have undergone cataract surgery sometimes experience clouding in vision, which can occur months or years later. This is caused by the outer lining wall of the cataract that remains in the eye, according t... More »

Visual halos can be caused by cataracts, migraine headaches and damage to the cornea, explains Healthline. Individuals with eye diseases such as glaucoma may also experience visual halos when looking at certain objects. ... More »

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Retinal separation, or detachment, occurs when part of the interior lining at the back of the eye, known as the retina, breaks away from the underlying tissue, Medical News Today states. Depending on the type of detachme... More »

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The best way to prevent fluid from accumulating around a knee joint is to avoid performing movements that strain or cause injury to the joint due to over-use, explains Medical News Today. Maintaining a healthy weight is ... More »

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Abnormally low dopamine levels are the primary cause of Parkinson's disease, explains Medical News Today. When dopaminergic neurons in the brain's substantia nigra are severely impaired or fail to produce dopamine, a pat... More »