To serve a subpoena, send a person who is at least 18 years old and who is not party to the lawsuit to personally hand the witness a copy of the subpoena. A plaintiff or defendant cannot serve the subpoena himself but ca... More » Government & Politics Law

The Clerk of Court issues a subpoena after a pro se litigant or attorney fills out the appropriate forms and has the Order for Issuance of Subpoena signed by a judge or court commissioner, according to WashingtonLawHelp.... More » Government & Politics Law

The Clerk of Courts is the public officer responsible for fulfilling the duties of jury selection, fee collection and the preparation of subpoenas for witnesses. As a public officer, the Clerk of Courts is an elected off... More » Government & Politics Law

A subpoena duces tecum is a type of subpoena that requires a person to bring certain documents with them to a hearing or trial, says the Minnesota Office of Administrative Hearings. The documents to be produced can be an... More » Government & Politics Law

A person cannot avoid a subpoena simply by not being present and if the person is served with a subpoena and does not appear in court then the individual can be punished for contempt of the court, reports Cornell Univers... More »

A witness who has known everyone involved in a transaction long enough to verify he knows that each person is who she says she is and is an uninterested and objective party can witness a legal document, notes the Law Dic... More »

A tort is an incident in which someone intentionally injures a person and their property and can result in a private lawsuit; a crime is a criminal action that the state prosecutes on the victim's behalf, according to th... More »