Research has shown that laughing has a definite social function, but it also may serve an evolutionary function as a way of demonstrating harmless playfulness to other humans, showing that we are intending to be friendly... More » World View Social Sciences Psychology

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Laughter is a communication tool used to share a variety of emotions, including relief, playfulness and joy. When one person laughs and another joins in, bonding occurs, which leads to more laughter and more bonding in a... More » World View Social Sciences Psychology

Spiders do not have blood in the same way that humans and other vertebrates do; instead, they have a fluid called hemolymph that performs the same function. Hemolymph is distinguished from blood in its composition and va... More »

Research on forgiveness suggests that people who are able to forgive others live longer, happier lives than people who hold onto resentments. People who practice forgiveness are more likely to have healthier relationship... More » World View Social Sciences Psychology

Research shows that most people who enter psychotherapy benefit from the interaction. The success level of therapy depends on the patients willingness to change, have an open mind and be proactive in their care. More » World View Social Sciences Psychology