While massages are meant to help people feel relaxed, they can cause side effects. In a study conducted by the National Institutes of Health Sciences, it was found that massages can cause muscles soreness, fatigue, heada... More »

Massages can make you feel happy because they relax the muscles while easing pain. According to the University of Minnesota, massages cause physiological changes in the body, which produce a relaxation response, resultin... More »

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An egg allergy causes an individual to feel sick within a few minutes of consuming eggs, according to Mayo Clinic. The symptoms vary, but sometimes include upset stomach, vomiting, hives and nasal inflammation. In severe... More »

Depending on the type and amount, mold can make people sick, according to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. Some mold is more dangerous than others, especially for those with compromised immune systems. More »

There is no evidence to suggest that head lice makes people sick. However, the itching caused by lice leads to scratching, which can lead to scalp infections. More »

To stretch the IT band, work on exercises that strengthen the hips, and massage the hip and leg muscles with a foam roller. If you are experiencing pain in the IT band, reduce or stop activity until it has recovered. More »

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When someone is experiencing prolonged bouts of nausea or sickness, they may be suffering from low blood sugar, problems affecting the balance centers in their ears, the side effects of gastrointestinal problems or the s... More »

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