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Florida Wedding Question - Can a notary public who performs weddings where a family member is involved? Reply by BrendaTx on 4/23/11 7:56am Msg #381076 Re: Florida Wedding Question - try again If you are a notary who performs weddings in FL, can you marry a couple if one of them is a family member? Reply by Linda_H/FL on 4/23/11 8:11am Msg #381077


Can I perform the wedding of a family member? NOTARIES AUTHORIZED TO PERFORM MARRIAGE CEREMONIES DOMESTIC RELATIONS - MARRIAGE. 741.07 (Florida Statutes) Persons authorized to solemnize matrimony. 741.08 Marriage not to be solemnized without a license. Become A Notary Renew Your Notary.


Can a notary marry a family member in Florida? ... For example, a Florida notary can only perform a marriage if: 1) the notary is commissioned by the State of Florida; 2) the couple has a valid ...


This probability increases the more closely a family member is related to notary. Even in cases where there appears to be no possible way to gain financially, it is recommended that notaries do not notarize documents for family members, reports the American Association of Notaries.


In most States, notaries are cautioned against notarizing for family members related by blood or marriage because notaries are forbidden to notarize any document, or participate in any notarial procedure, from which they may profit or gain a financial benefit.


Can a notary marry a family member in the state of maine. share with friends. Can a notary public marry someone in the state of Pennsylvania? ... Can a notary marry a family member in Florida?


Florida may have some specific laws about this, I don’t know. But in general, all a notary can do in the US is assure that the signatures on a document are those of the people who they claim to be. That they are authentic signatures. In some count...


Arizona Notaries may not notarize the signatures of any person who is related to the notary by marriage or adoption. While it is permitted to notarize for other family members not related by marriage or adoption, state officials have recommended against notarizing for close relatives due to possible appearance of bias by the Notary ...


Perform a marriage ceremony in the State of Florida for all individuals (including any family members) with a valid Florida marriage license. 2. Charge up to $10.00 per notarial signature on a document and charge up to $30.00 for performing a marriage ceremony.


Most modern-day marriages in the U.S. are performed by a member of the clergy (priest, minister or rabbi), judge, court clerk, or a justice of the peace; however, a notary public is legally allowed to conduct a marriage ceremony in the three following states: Florida, South Carolina and Maine – assuming he or she follows their respective state’s protocol.