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Better for your skin than waxing of tweezing, shaving has become a popular method of facial hair removal among women. Dermatologists chose the best razors and shaving creams from brands like ...


If you’re shaving along your upper lip, for instance, you can press your upper lip against or around your teeth to stretch and smooth out that part of skin. Or, if you’re shaving your sideburns, place your fingers just above the area you’ll be shaving and pull that part of skin up and back in the direction of your ear. [10]


A " lip shave " can also be advantageously utilised in bilateral congenital pits (mucous cysts) of the lower lip and to reduce the bulk of the lip as in cases of cong~ital hypertrophy, particularly of the lower lip, the so-called " Hapsburg lip," or in negroid type of lip with excessive exposure of the lower vermilion frequently almost ...


Three years ago I meet my girlfriend that I am still dating. One night we were kissing and I could see a lot of blond hairs and one darker hair under her nose. I took her into the bathroom,filled up the skin with warm water, got some shaving cream...


The subject of upper lip hair removal is a constant in many women’s lives. We dread seeing those hairs. There are plenty of upper lip hair removal methods to try and choose from.. Some offer results for a very short period of time, others ensure peace of mind for a couple of weeks, while one is permanent (sweet words for any woman).


The best way to remove those hairs is not shaving but using natural depilatories like wax or powder.” ( Kadın İlmihali, Mürşide Uysal, p. 370) It is understood that it is recommended for a woman to make herself attractive for her husband. One of the wisdom of it is protecting her husband from the attraction of other women.


should a women shave her upper lip and her sides? i was juss wondering if a women can shave her upperlip or not? and why/whynot she shouldn't. Answer Save. 7 Answers. Relevance. Anonymous. 1 decade ago. Favourite answer. waxing hair is the best tried and tested method of hair removal because of three reasons.


A number of women shave their upper lip... but I think waxing would be your best option because shaving can leave you with razor burn -- not good. Waxing doesn't give you thicker hair.. It'll leave your upper lip smoother and hair free for longer (up to about a week) so you won't have to worry about shaving everyday!


Women shaving their faces is nothing new (legend has it that even Marilyn Monroe was a fan).But despite the fact that the technique has been around longer than probably you and I have been alive ...


That's why it's important to me to fight for the right for women to grow out their body hair (or not!) and to be comfortable rocking their hair however they choose. For instance, I thread my eyebrows but don't wax my upper lip, pluck stray neck or chin hairs, or shave my underarms or legs.