Camo cargo pants for women combine elements of military-inspired clothing with trendy pop culture. Camo, short for camouflage, is a green-and-brown print worn in the military. Cargo pockets are a trend also inspired by m... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing Pants

Because camo is such a strong pattern, it's best to wear a plain top or jacket. White, black and other neutral colors look great, and adding solid colors can help to soften the overall look. More »

Women began wearing pants in the 19th century. At first, women began to wear pants merely for function, but later wore them as a fashion statement. More »

Army fatigue cargo pants are pants for men or women traditionally made from fabric with shades of green, brown, tan and black that have cargo pockets on the exterior thigh. The pants are made from a nylon-cotton blend. More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing Pants

Sagging pants are believed to have originated in prisons because of ill-fitting clothing for inmates. As of 2014, sagging pants are a popular fashion trend among teenagers and young adults. More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing Pants

Depending on the occasion, leather pants can be worn with a variety of clothing, including tunics, denim shirts and tight fitting tops. Shoes can range from high heels to a pair of flats. More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing Pants

Tribal Inc. is a women's apparel manufacturer that produces a line of sportswear, including tops, jackets, skirts and pants. The company makes a speciality line of jeans in a variety of fits and styles. More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing Pants