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A calorie calculator is a tool used to specify the amount of daily calories someone needs. The calorie calculator is most often used to prevent weight gain or to simply maintain a current weight, as stated by Mayo Clinic.


MyFitnessPal and SparkPeople are both free online calorie calculators. These popular websites allow you to look-up nutritional information, including calorie counts, for millions of various food and beverages items. You may also receive customized nutritional information by inputting your favorite r


A food calorie counter works by logging the number of calories in servings of different foods, thereby helping you calculate your overall calorie intake over a period of time. Free online calorie counters are available on WebMD.com and FitWatch.com.


HealthStatus.com offers a calories burned calendar that asks for specific, detailed information from users before giving output. MyFitnessPal.com features a calories burned calculator that is much more simple.


Some online food calorie counters are MyFitnessPal and My Calorie Counter. Both of these counters are free to use online and with the mobile app.


The rate of air change per hour is calculated by using the formula ACH = 60 x CFM/V. In SI units, the calculation formula is expressed as n = 3600 x Q/V, according to the Engineering ToolBox.


Calculating the cost of electricity per hour is done by finding the kilowatt-hour. Using 1,000 watts for one hour is a kilowatt-hour. The formula to get kilowatt-hours is to take the wattage of the device, multiply by number of hours used and divide by 1,000.


Two common ways to calculate work hours are by the hour and on a salaried basis. Hours that exceed a 40-hour workweek have a special method of calculation, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.


To calculate work hours, an employer records the time the employee arrives at a prescribed workplace, or on duty, and subtracts it from the time the employee stops working on that particular day. The U.S. Department of Labor describes work hours as the time when an employee arrives to work.


Calculating man hours involves determining how much time a project requires and how many employees are needed. The process can be completed before or after a project, and this example determines man hours after a project's completion. The calculations take a few minutes and require a calendar and a