Depending on weight and pace, a person burns about 640 to 1,008 calories in an 8-mile walk. According to Prevention, a 140-pound person burns about 200 calories for every 30 minutes of walking at a 4.5 mph pace. More »

The number of calories burned while walking depends on the weight, distance and speed that a person walks, according to Calories-in-Foods. If a person weighs 130 pounds and walks at a speed of 2 mph for one mile, that pe... More »

The number of calories burned per mile of walking depends on the speed of the walk and the weight of the walker. The faster the walker is going and the more the walker weighs, the more calories she burns per hour. More » Health Fitness & Exercise Burning Calories

Someone who weighs approximately 150 pounds can burn up to 400 calories by walking 10,000 steps at a brisk pace of around 3.5 miles per hour. If someone is just starting to exercise, it is recommended that they start wal... More »

According to the Calorie Burn Calculator, an average 150-pound person burns 3,500 calories when running at a pace of 6 mph for approximately five and a half hours. A heavier person burns more calories do... More »

Walking at a pace of 3.5 miles per hour usually burns between 314 and 469 calories an hour. The exact amount depends on the weight of the person and the terrain covered. More »

According to SheKnows, a person at about 150 pounds will burn over 400 calories every hour swimming at a moderate pace. It is about the same amount of calories a person would burn during an hour long brisk walk. More »