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According to the National Health Service, an average person burns around 0.044 calories per step when walking briskly or 44 calories for each 10 minutes of brisk walking (around 1,000 steps). The amount of calories burned per step varies by the individual; body weight affects the amount of calories


High-intensity aerobic activity burns the most calories, compared to low-impact exercises. Two of the highest, calorie-burning, aerobic activities are jumping rope and running at a speed of 8 miles per hour. These aerobic activities burn 861 to 1286 calories per hour for a 160 to 240 pound individua


According to Runners World, the basic formula for determining total calories burned per mile while running is the runner's weight in pounds multiplied by 75 percent. The formula for determining total calories burned per mile while walking is the runner's weight in pounds multiplied by 50 percent.


On average a person who weighs around 180 pounds burns in the region of 100 calories per mile walked. A person who weighs closer to 120 pounds burns nearer 65 calories per mile.


A person can burn 100 calories by doing typical household chores and activities around the house. Basically, almost any activity that gets the heart racing and a person up moving around at a moderate pace burns around 100 calories, notes Woman's Day.


The amount of calories a person burns naturally in a day depends on factors such as gender, height, current weight and age, according to SFGate. The process of naturally burning calories without added activity is called basal metabolic rate, or BMR.


More calories are burned right before the period instead of the week it is actually occurring. If more exercises are performed while the period is occurring, more calories may be burned.


The amount of calories burned when swimming varies greatly. Calorie burn is dependent upon the size of the person swimming, the type of stroke used and swimming efficiency. For example, a person swimming for one hour could burn up to 400 calories.


Excersizes that burn the highest amount of calories involve high-intensity training or cardio. There are numerous exercise options that qualify as cardio including hiking, mowing the lawn and swimming.


One can burn 1000 calories a day by running, jumping rope, biking, swimming, playing sports or doing interval training, according to Just-Health.net. The exact number of calories burned varies from one person to the next depending on one’s metabolism, diet and fitness level, so a visit to the doctor