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Sitting for an hour burned approximately 80 calories, which isn’t too bad for just sitting and typing. Standing, though, only burned eight more calories per hour, meaning you’d only burn an average of 24 more calories per work day if you stood. On the other hand, spending an hour per day walking burned 210 calories.


The difference in calories burned between sitting and standing might not feel significant, but it adds up. According to the calculator at JustStand.org, if you weigh 180 pounds and work for 8 hours per day, you burn 331 calories more standing than you would sitting. If there are 3500 calories in a pound of fat, that means you could potentially ...


Standing vs. Sitting vs. Lying: Which Burns Most Calories? Sep 11, 2019 10:38 PM By Johnny Vatican The debate between what’s healthier -- standing-up, sitting down or lying down -- rages but new clinical evidence has come down on the side of standing-up.


Given that standing up burns eight more calories per hour than sitting, spending two-plus hours working at a standing desk could only burn about twenty extra calories per day. That difference might seem measly at first – at that rate, it would take an entire work week to burn off the calories found in a single red apple – but with regular ...


Learn how many calories you burn while standing, and calculate how much time you spend sitting during the day with calculators from JustStand.org.


ACE researchers found that standing cyclists burned an average of 11.3 calories per minute -- an increase of one calorie per minute compared with standing. Although this may seem minor, it's an increase of approximately 10 percent. In a 30-minute workout, this is equal to an extra 30 calories burned.


Studies have produced varying results on exactly how many additional calories are burned when using a standing desk, but for the most part you will burn anywhere from 20 to 50 additional calories per hour using a standing desk vs sitting. Standing May Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease, Lower Blood Sugar, and Reduce Cholesterol:


To shift the scale by 1 pound per week, you would need to add or subtract 500 calories from your daily caloric needs by changing your diet, exercise habits or both. For instance, if your EER was 3,000 calories per day and you wanted to lose weight, you might aim for 2,500 calories per day or increase your daily exercise enough to burn 500 more ...


Additionally, forcing your body to expend more calories by standing instead of sitting and moving around when possible can help you burn as much as 350 calories more each day. Prepare your meals while standing and while the food is cooking, and go for a brisk walk instead of sitting to watch television.


3. Standing helps lower the risk of type 2 diabetes and other metabolic diseases. According to the American Diabetes Association, breaking up your time of prolonged sitting by standing up on a regular basis, or even just walking for five minutes, can reduce blood sugar levels by 34%, especially in postmenopausal women.. In this study, 22 overweight, dysglycemic, postmenopausal women either ...