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A calorie chart is a table that provides the estimated number of calories in a food item. Many calorie charts also include information about protein, fat and carbohydrate content.


A calorie intake chart can help you determine the number of calories you are consuming per day, and an exercise chart can help you estimate how many calories you are burning. The total energy use should exceed the total intake in order to lose weight.


A food calorie chart holds nutritional information about a specific food, including: the serving size, calories, fat grams per serving, and sometimes carbohydrates per serving. The information will vary depending on the chart.


To use a calorie chart to track weight gain, record daily weight measurements next to your daily calorie intake; free online calculators such as those on HealthStatus.com and FreeDieting.com can help you with tracking. Over time, careful tracking may help you determine ...


A body weight chart is a chart that shows healthy weight based on height, according to Rush University Medical Center. The weight chart on Rush University Medical Center's website indicates normal, overweight and obese ranges for heights beginning at 4 foot 10 inches an...


A fruit calorie chart is a chart that lists the approximate caloric value of fruits, vegetables and nuts. Aside from the caloric value, most charts also indicate the portion size and the amount of carbohydrates, protein, fiber and energy per serving of produce.


A normal weight chart is a medical indicator that considers an individual’s size, then displays an ideal weight range for an individual’s height. Normal weight charts vary for men and women.