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You can track your phone using free applications, such as Lookout, which is available for iOS and Android smartphones. Find My Android Phone is a free phone-tracking application for Android phones. The Prey application is available for Windows, Android and iOS phones.


Free phone number tracking services are available on the Microsoft account services page for Windows Phone users, the Android device manager page for Android users and Apple’s iCloud page for iPhone users. In addition to tracking the location of a phone, these sites allow users to remotely lock and


A person’s mobile phone calls and text messages may be tracked using a spy mobile phone technology. The software is installed in the mobile phone and allows one to log into a website to enter the person’s mobile number. From there, a person can listen to the person’s incoming and outgoing phone call


Several ways to track a cell phone with the number include installing the Android application Plan B, using Apple's Find My iPhone application or calling the service provider. Even if a device recovery application is not installed on the lost phone, the previous methods find the lost phone.


Cell phone tracking involves using the data from a phone's Global Positioning System, or GPS, or from cell phone towers the phone connects to in order to determine where the phone is physically located. Installing a tracking app on a phone helps the owner find it if it is stolen or lost. Law enforce


Phone Tracking apps, such as Find My Android Phone, GPS Phone Tracker Pro and Connect, can be used to track a cellphone using another cellphone. Tracking mechanisms vary from active GPS, to cellular network triangulation, to passive location data acquisition.


One way to track a cell phone's location is to install a security suite that can provide the phone's location on demand. These programs use the phone's built-in GPS capabilities, or they can provide data using cell tower pings and Wi-Fi network logins.


A reverse phone search through Whitepages.com often reveal the identity of an unknown caller. Whitepages also offers a caller ID app for smartphones that shows a caller's identity based on the phone number.


Various mail services and other companies offer package tracking numbers that can be checked online. PackTrack.com allows users to track packages from every major carrier at one integrated website.


In general, phone numbers are not free. Phone numbers are controlled by various phone companies. To have a phone number assigned to you, someone must pay for phone service. To call any phone number, an active phone service must be in use.