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Android is an operating system used primarily on smart phones and other mobile devices. Although Android is owned and developed by Google, its code is open source, which means others can use the source code for their own projects.


Calls to Android phones can be blocked using the free third-party application Mr. Number. Most smartphones have some sort of built-in blocking capability, but because feature sets and setup methods vary greatly from phone to phone, using a third-party app ensures famili...


To reset the date and time, first open the application display, then select "settings," followed by "date and time" which, once tapped, allows the user to manually change the date and time. Most Android phones are set to automatically update these details as time zones ...


An Android phone is a smartphone that uses the Android operating system developed by Google. The Android operating system is open-source, which allows different manufacturers, such as Motorola, Samsung and HTC, to produce and customize Android phones.


To block all calls on an Android phone, either set notifications to None, or turn on Blocking mode in settings. The method for blocking specific numbers varies for each phone and version of Android. The easiest way to block numbers is to download an app such as Mr. Numb...


The official Android application store is Google Play, but Amazon, Aptoide, Mobogenie, GetJar, and Slide Me are some alternatives. Third-party app stores are more likely to contain malware and should be used with caution.


Android TV boxes are digital media players designed primarily to stream digital video and audio to a television from a high-speed Internet connection. They are so named because they run on the Android operating system.