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In California, a vehicle is presumed to be a “lemon" by the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act if, within 18 months of the vehicle's delivery to the buyer (or 18,000 miles on the odometer): 2 attempts or more have been made by the manufacturer to repair a warranty problem that could result in death or serious injury.


attempts,” California’s Lemon Law Presumption contains guidelines for determining when a “reasonable number” of repair attempts have been made. The California Lemon Law covers the following new and used vehicles sold or leased in California that come with the manufacturer’s new vehicle warranty: • Cars, pickup trucks, vans, and SUVs.


The California Lemon Law has specific rules – here they are! Rule # 1. The defect must “substantially impair the use or safety of the vehicle” Rule # 2. The vehicle must be covered by a warranty. (not an “extended warranty” sold by the dealer) Rule # 3.


California Lemon Law. The California Lemon Law (Civ. Code, § 1793.22) protects you when your vehicle is defective and cannot be repaired after a “reasonable” number of attempts. In such instances, the manufacturer must either replace or repurchase the vehicle—whichever you prefer.


The California lemon law helps determine what exactly is a reasonable amount of repair attempts for a problem that significantly impair the value, use, or safety of the motor vehicle. The California lemon law applies to these issues if they come up during the first 18 months after the buyer or lessee receives delivery of the motor vehicle or in ...


Qualifying under the Lemon Law. From 2013 on, the laws of California were amended to require that even “buy here, pay here” used car dealers must offer at least a 30 day or 1,000-mile warranty that covers the essential components of the car.


The California Used Car Lemon Law provides legal protection for anyone that purchases or leases a used car, or any other used vehicle that is still covered by a manufacturer's original factory warranty from being stuck owning a lemon. The Used Car Lemon Law also covers demonstrator (demo) Vehicles, Vehicles previously repurchased under the ...


Connect here for a free, no obligation California Lemon Law case review. In most instances to qualify under a lemon law your vehicle must only have an unreasonable repair history under the warranty, including (but not limited to) 2-4 repair attempts for the same problem, 6 repairs total on the vehicle, or 30 days out of service by reason of repair.


This includes making sure you understand what the California Lemon Law covers, what makes a product a lemon, and your rights when faced with such a product. Do Lemon Laws Apply to Used Cars? The California Lemon Law Statute, also known as the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, protects consumers.


The California lemon law’s rules apply to all types of consumer goods sold anywhere in the State of California. Appliances, electronics, furniture, clothing, sporting goods, etc. are all covered, in one way or another, by the lemon law. But the rules that most people are interested in (and the rules that this Web site focuses on) are the lemon law’s rules that apply to new and used cars.