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California is a U.S. state on the western coast of North America. Covering an area of 163,696 sq mi (423,970 km 2), California is geographically diverse. The Sierra Nevada, the fertile farmlands of the Central Valley, and the arid Mojave Desert of the south are some of the major geographic features of this U.S. state.


The 12 Geographical Regions of California. For Tourism and Travel Purposes, the State of California is divided into 12 regions that conveniently represent geographic bounds of either counties or natural features such as deserts, mountains and bays. Pictured below is the California Regions Map.


1) California was one of the most diverse regions for Native American in the United States with around 70 independent tribes prior to the arrival of persons from other areas in the 1500s. The first explorer of the California coast was the Portuguese explorer João Rodrigues Cabrilho in 1542.


TL;DR: California has four main geographical regions that differ in population, economics, wildlife and climate: the Coast, the Central Valley, the Mountains and the Desert. The Coast The bulk of California's population – 68 percent – lives in the coastal region and accounts for 80 percent of the state's economy.


California Geography: The Land Geography and Landforms of California. Find an overview of California geography, topography, geographic land regions, land areas, and major rivers.. Access California almanac, furnishing more details on the state geography, geographical and land regions, climate and weather, elevation, land areas, bordering states, and other statistical data.


the cgs is the oldest statewide geographic organization. • SPRING MEETING 2019 The California Geographical Society will host its annual meeting at The Lodge resort in Big Bear Lake from May 3rd - 5th.


There are 12 California geographic and economic regions. 12 California Travel Regions - But Why 12? For practical purposes the State of California is divided into 12 travel regions to help you understand the diversity of this great state.


List of regions of California. Jump to navigation Jump to search. This is a list of regions of California, organized by location. Northern California. Central California. Central California. Central Coast (North) Monterey Bay. Santa Cruz Mountains; North Coast. North Coast. Lost Coast; Emerald Triangle ...


California geography. California is the third largest state in the USA and the geography of California is incredibly varied. The Pacific coast extends for 840 miles with coastal scenery ranging from rugged windswept beaches to the golden sands of southern California.


California's general coastline is 840 miles long. Along much of the coast, the Coast Ranges rise from the shore in steep cliffs and terraces. Southern California has many wide, sandy beaches. California's topography can be characterized by defining eight main regions within the state;